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Pray for America

KSBJ has organized a plan to cover our community with united prayer. Each church will be assigned one day a month to pray for its church and community needs. CBC has been assigned to pray on the 2nd Friday of each month and will be responsible to cover a 24-hour period. 

Please consider joining Community Baptist Church in praying for our church, communities, schools, national and local leaders, military and country along with 30 area churches.

If you would like to sign up to pray for more than just one time per day, please do so. The more we pray, the more God will hear us. You can pray in any location such as work, home, etc.  Thank you.  The Lord will bless!

We encourage you to pray for your community, city, state, and America.
Please set yourself a reminder to pray at the time that God leads you to. Ask a friend or family member to share this special prayer time with you.
Feel free to use our thoughtfully prepared prayer guide that contains current prayer topics.

Second Friday of Every Month

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